The name that was given to me is Jason, but now I am a bit unsure (2017)

Performed live at Teatro della Compagnia, 21st September 2017, Nextech Festival, Florence
Video: Stefano Roiz

To speak about ourselves in a short time force us to be extremely concise.
Perception melts in each moment and memory we have lived, as ink into the water.
The performance was born by those who agreed to give this portrait of themselves, in a kind of vocal cameo.


Aufheben (2017)

A fashion film for N°21

Direction and Editing: Nicola Leone   |   Fashion: Sarah Venturini
Sound: Gea Brown   |   Voice Over: Jula Jula Pest
Brand: N°21


TAI / Pier Luigi Nervi – site specific (2016)

Sound Gea Brown   |   Light design Chiara Bettazzi

Site specific installation for the Ex-Anonima Calamai factory, one of the best preserved industrial heritage sites in Prato, designed in the early XX century by the famous Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi.
TAI 2016 site specific intervention tends to return an ecstatic vision of the factory, through an inside lighting and a soundtrack meant to be listened on the threshold, only by headphones.
It’s an architectural landscape you can pass through not physically, but in the individual act of listening.


Hotel Pupik (2016)

Sound Portrait / live performance (excerpt)

As an artist in residence at Hotel Pupik I made interviews with all the others artists in residence, mixing the recordings with samples and sounds, in order to depict a sound portrait of Hotel Pupik 2016.
Thanks to: Hedya Klein, Hans W. Koch, Maeve Jackson, Keith Nelson, Josef Novotny, Dora Osterloh, Talya Raz, Kamilla Szij, Heimo and Louis Wallner, Bettina Wenzel.

Sankt Lorenzen bei Scheifling, Austria 12.08.2016


Black Night (2015)

video: Festival dei Popoli Archive
live sound mix: Gea Brown

Live soundtrack of documentaries’ excerpts form Festival dei Popoli Archive.
Performance curated by Palazzo Strozzi for Notte Bianca in Florence, 30th April 2015.


Havanalogica (2012)
video: Veronica Citi
live sound mix and editing video: Gea Brown

Havanalogica is a project by Gea Brown and Veronica Citi, a videomaker and photographer who, in 2010, spent several months in Cuba in order to attend a documentary workshop at the Escuela de Cine. About that trip a series of images and videos remain; they are irregular but all of them similarly try to understand Havana, the pulsating heart of a complicated country, a surrealist, socialist island searching for its identity; searching for a way to escape its political and economic freeze.




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